Virtual Live Stream Auction TOMORROW

You will not want to miss the Samuel’s House Shields of Hope live auction scheduled this Saturday, November 14th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. We will be live streaming from the porch of the historic Curry Mansion Inn in Key West. In past years, Samuel’s House has been able to honor our community heroes by hosting a dinner in their honor at the Marriot Beachside.

Sadly due to the pandemic it was necessary to post pone this event this year. In our current world crisis, we are unable to continue to raise money the way we have in the past. As a 501(C)3 we receive our funding through fundraisers, donations, and grants. It is very important at Samuel’s House that we honor the people in our community that go above and beyond when it is most needed.

This year we have come up with a unique way to honor these individuals and organizations. The wonderful part about it is that this time is that YOU will be deciding who to honor in our community by bidding on the Shields!!! We’ve enlisted local and internationally known artists to paint, decorate and adorn a piece of wood that we shaped into a shield. 

The Shield represents the power of protection and one that superheroes often carry to protect themselves. Each artist used their own inspiration to create a unique shield to honor their local heroes. 

From the Samuel’s House FB page, we will be having an auction to bid on these unique ONE OF A KIND pieces of art. 

STAY TUNED at #samuelshousekw