Kathy’s Hope

Those who have successfully completed a ninety-day intensive case management program at the Mary Spottswood Women’s Center or other similar facility are eligible to apply to live at Kathy’s Hope, a housing complex designed as independent living for single women and women and their children. While at Kathy’s Hope, women continue to receive individual case management, referral and follow-up assistance as needed. Kathy’s Hope, opened in 2007, can be a long-term home or act as a stepping stone for permanent housing elsewhere. As in the Mary Spottswood Women’s Center, women with children are given separate, private space for them to live with their children.

While at Kathy’s Hope, each individual receives comprehensive case management services delivered in a respectful and caring fashion. A resident is required to meet with her case manager at least once a month to provide an opportunity for the client to discuss challenges and successes. All client information shared with the case manager is handled with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

Each individual has unique goals and needs. An individual’s length of stay will vary according to those goals and needs, in addition to such factors as health, finances, and continued appropriateness for the program. The case manager works with each client to develop, focus and periodically update the goals, objectives and various timetables of each client.

Kathy’s Hope also meets all local safety standards and ADA requirements as to handicap accessibility and provides private bedrooms with televisions and baths, comfortable common dining areas and gathering spaces, children’s play areas and laundry facilities.