Casa de Meredith

Casa de Meredith, opened in December of 2010, offers truly affordable, structured and supportive permanent housing opportunities for women and men and their families as they graduate to complete independence. The attractive facility consists of two efficiency and seven two-bedroom apartments available to single women, single men, women or men with children and intact families.

Prior to Casa de Meredith, there was no program in Key West where a homeless mother, her children and their father could all live together.  Currently intact families include single moms with children, a single dad with his daughter and several mothers and fathers living with their kids.

While living at Casa de Meredith, residents must maintain sobriety and attend monthly group house meetings. Additionally, as with all Samuel’s House housing programs, there is zero tolerance for any act of violence or substance abuse.  Residents are also provided with assistance with food, case management and other linkage services if they are in need.